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Underexposed means the shutter that exposes light to the film didn't stay open long enough. In turn, there isn't enough light striking the film which pretty much means it's going to be too dark. The film is 'underexposed' to light. The same goes for digital cameras too, just replace film with image sensor.

You can see the mountains in the background are a little dark. This is a nice setup. Some of the problem could probably be fixed with photo editing software but it won't replace good, old fashioned sunlight.

I don't know what kind of camera you are using. If you are really interested in photography, you're best friend will be an SLR camera. That will allow you to play around and learn more than a point and shoot, auto everything, just press the button and it may turn out ok camera. Read about photography on the Interent and try what you have read. I usually suggest the National Geographic Field Guide series. These books are pretty inexpensive and have helped me a lot in the past. I own two of them. They are around $20 new on Amazon.
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