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Default Fundamental cropping questions in here - opinions wanted

Before I start, this would be one of those golden opportunities for the screeners / administrators to step out of the shadows and "help us help them", or at least share the reasoning behind their actions.

In regards to cropping and compositional theory and practice, and to some degree RP rejections, I have a couple questions.

These questions mostly relate to situations when shooting in mountainous terrain, or when you have something in the background which is not related at all to the subject of the photograph.

1. Shooting at grade level with an oncoming train, you have a long telephoto and in the background is a mountain or ridge, but it's quite a bit above the train. Is it acceptable to crop it a little loose to show the top of the mountain line to give perspective to the shot? In this instance the train would be "low" in the frame.

2. Shooting a wide angle or medium "landscape" type shot, where you have the train kind of low in the shot, and have a lot of sky with some interesting cloud formations in the distance, but high in the frame. Normally one would say "too much sky", and I would agree if there was not something there, like a big thunderhead, the moon or sun rising, alien spacecraft, etc

I think sometimes the concept of "dead space" is misplaced or misapplied.


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