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Originally Posted by alan-crotty
Hi All,

I take all my phots in RAW format so there is no in camera sharpening.

Camera 1dmk2

In PS I use Unsharp Mask:

Amount 200%.

Radius 0.7.

Threshold 0, or if large amount of sky 1.

Now the important bit.

After resizing down using the inbuilt re-size I apply a further sharpen 30%@0.7, threshold 0.

This is important as during re-sampling a lot of data is discarded, so the phot needs a little help with sharpness.

Hope that helps.

I pretty much use Alan's method except I don't go as high as 200% on initial USM...maybe 150% at the max.

I also became a big fan of selective sharpening using masks. Here's the thread where I went from dumb to a selective sharpening user:

BTW, selective sharpening is a way you can sharpen specific areas (i.e. the subject) of a photo without sharpening/oversharpening other areas that may give the image an oversharpened look to it.
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