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Originally Posted by dodi4200
in the dash 8 you can see the 2 light spots are under the big base that above the trucks and the fuel tank (ditch lights)

Image © Chris Paulhamus
PhotoID: 136348
Photograph © Chris Paulhamus

in the dach 9 the lights are above the big base

Image © George Neat
PhotoID: 136604
Photograph © George Neat
Although that may be true in the photos you have selected, Dash 9's also have ditch lights below the "base".
Image © John P. Carter
PhotoID: 129745
Photograph © John P. Carter

Originally Posted by dodi4200
also the other 2spot light that are together in the dash 8 its in the nose.but in the dash 9 its between the number boards in the top of the loco.
True, but that locomotive is a Dash 9-40CW which is used primarely by NS. A BNSF Dash 9 has the main headlight on the nose.
Image © Keith
PhotoID: 137164
Photograph © Keith

Nevertheless, I would say that the most noticable difference is the trucks.
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