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Originally Posted by JRMDC View Post
JRM standards: it's fine

RP standards: look at the ground around the nose. Were it ballast, I'd say it was insufficiently crispy for RP. It looks fuzzy.
That's why I only shoot at f/16. And make sure to use a tripod if you are shooting at anything under 1/1250th. Another option, if you are serious about getting accepted on RP - toss those zoom lenses and use only prime lenses.

I don't get it - looks good to me and more then good enough for an RP wedge. More then one diesel in the same pic, too - potential Top of Last 24 Hours. Interesting catch, too.

In all seriousness - you might consider taking a test shot to verify if the lens needs calibration or if it indeed has softness in the corners, but for the shot as submitted, I'm not seeing the issue.


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