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I like verticals and don't hesitate to do them when that seems appropriate for the image. But this thread made me curious about their popularity, or lack thereof. In terms of hits, my color verticals seem to be mixed in pretty well with my other stuff. I had to dig pretty deep to find a B&W vertical, but when I did it had done reasonably well, but that may well have to do with historic content rather than esthetics.

Image © John West
PhotoID: 390053
Photograph © John West

So then I looked for my least popular B&W vertical and found this.

Image © John West
PhotoID: 492914
Photograph © John West

Not sure I can draw any meaningful conclusions for all this, but it was fun looking through all the old stuff.

I seem to remember "back in the day" that Richard Steinheimer was very frustrated with the way his photos were reproduced in books, because almost all the books were vertical format and most of his pictures were horizontal. So when he published, I think it was, "Backwoods Railroads", he insisted that the book be done with a horizontal format to better fit his images. If you look at a shelf of railfan books, that is usually the one that sticks out from the shelf.
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