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I bought my 30D on Tuesday morning and it arrived on Wednesday morning. Its a nice camera and I already like it much better than my 10D. Probably the thing I like most is the instant startup when you turn on the camera or touch the shutter button after it it has been sitting a while. Either way the camera is ready to fire by the time I'm looking through the viewfinder. I've lost many shots with my 10D because I'd forgotten to hit the shutter button in time to wake it up, nolonger an issue with the 30D. The 5fps is a very nice feature, especially for shooting a a fast moving train where you want multiple shots and/or angles. The image buffer is just lighting fast, especially with the Sandisk Extreme III card that I am using in the camera right now. With the camera set to record RAW-JPEG large it shows as being able to handle 7 shots but even ripping off at 5fps it has never showed less than 5 shots in the viewfinder and is back to 7 in no more than 2 seconds. This is a great improvement over the 10D. The AF seems faster, more responsive andmore accurate than the 10D. Being able to adjust the ISO in 1/3 stop increments is very nice as well. When comparing shots taken with the 30D at ISO 500 and 10D shots at ISO 400 there is just no comparison, the 30D wins hands down. The LCD screen is also mighty impressive. Overall I'm very pleased with the camera even though I've barely used it sofar. Gotta see about picking up the battery grip this weekend as there weren't any available when I ordered the camera. Also hopefully Adobe will have its RAW converter updated to convert 30D RAW files soon, the Canon software is crap so for the time being I have to shoot in the RAW-JPEG large mode so that I have a shot to work with now though I will go back and convert the RAW files once the software is ready.

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