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Originally Posted by coborn35 View Post
...what do you mean? The reporting marks? Duh. But I bet you dont see CNW stuff printed on their track warrants...

That means every CP AC4400CW etc is mislabeled and the owning railroad should be SOO.
Uhhh... wading into this late (and wondering why I am!) and I know it's not always this simple but I always go with how the railroads themselves identify equipment in operation. I.e. NS and CSXT stuff is always NS or CSXT (not PRR or NYC which is sublettered but not the actual reporting marks) but in the case of CN and CP they still use reporting marks for subsidiaries and the equipment is meanigfully owned by said subsidiaries even if it all wears a "CN" on the side (i.e. like how NYC System used to be - P&LE was part of NYC System but not NYC proper.)

I can't tell you how many times I've heard authorities given out to "IC XXXX", "GTW XXXX", "DME XXXX" or "SOO XXXX" leading so they certainly use the correct reporting marks on track warrants and such. As pointed out, if they didn't they'd have multiple same numbers in a few cases.

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