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Did the RP admins ever explicitly specify how they wish to have railroads presented? If so I would like to see the post; if not perhaps a clarification is in order. The Railpictures upload form says:

The railroad to which the lead locomotive belongs."

This doesn't really make a case for either argument. An unpatched CNW engine may be operated by the UP, but not necessarily owned by them. Frederick and some of the others touched on the subject of leases already.

I am of the opinion that the Railroad field should match what the reporting mark represents, not necessarily the owner of the engine. The way I see it, if we consider CNW 8646 a Union Pacific engine, then we may as well call a GMTX engine on lease to NS a Norfolk Southern engine. And filling in the "official" owner of the engine would be completely impractical.

Of course, I will go by whatever rules the site owners wish to use. Perhaps the answer lies in these photos.

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