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I stopped reading after the second page, is there anything worth going back and reading?

Take a breath, back up, look at the website, submit, don't submit, remove all your photos in spite, upload as many that push the limits as you can, upgrade to elite for preferential treatment and unlimited uploads, learn to accept the screeners are inconsistent, get angry when your rejected shot that looks just like the TO24, post to flickr, continue to reply to a four page thread with jealousy, continue reading this, get more pissed off because I should take my own advice sometimes, and realize there is more to life (railroad photography) than

When it comes down to it, is a private business and the owners can post whatever they want or remove what they don't want. This isn't a coop store. Sure the contributors have significant influence and they actually listen to us most of the time, but in the end, it is their website. If you are still reading this, getting more pissed off because I should take my own advice sometimes, I already know it, so no need to quote and try to argue.

Move on.

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