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Exclamation This Is Why I Like The Forums.

You know what is great about these forums, any thread that makes it over three pages generally transpires like this:

(1) Initial post with the topic of the thread.

(2) A response or two to the original topic.

(3) A rebuttal or two to the responses to the original topic and a few statements about something new.

(4) Additional rebuttals and responses to both the original topic and the new issues that have been brought up.

(5) Someone misquotes someone or doesn't read carefully and says something that gets everyone to jump on them in addition to the ongoing rebuttals, responses, and the addition of some new issues and other completely unrelated things.

(6) Next people generally choose sides and and the real bitching begins.

(7) By this point there are only one or two additional responses and rebuttals to the original topic, because by now there are so many side conversations going that everyone has pretty much forgotten what the original topic of the thread was all about.

(8.) At some point someone blames whatever the problem is on the screeners whether it has anything to do with them or not.

(9) Next someone, or some group of people come to the rescue of the screeners and purport to defend their position based on conjecture and rumor - even though such action is unsolicited.

(10) The others then jump on the defenders position(s) and vigorously tear their arguments apart in vivid and excruciating detail.

(11) The defenders whomever they maybe choose to fight gallantly on with the righteous fight because "everyone" knows "they" are right.

(12) The members of each group eventually start insulting each other and the whole thing turns into a riot resulting in no real conclusion or consensuses.

(13) Someone compares someone else, or a number of people to the RAT and/or another nefarious person.

(14) Others makes similar statements and reminisce on the RAT's rein of terror and wonder where he might be found at the present moment.

(15) A reference to ObsCar is made and discussed.

(16) The discussion seems to wind down unless someone comes home from vacation or a photo junket and adds a post where-after we go back to (12) above.

(17) Next someone points out that most of the last few posts are irrelevant because no one remembers what everyone was originally talking about, and how it all got so far of the tracks.

(18.) There are some additional snarky remarks made, especially between ongoing rivals - you know who you are.

(19) A few PM's are exchanged disparaging and/or supporting certain members and everyone gears up for the next "discussion."

(20) And one or more people add their parting shot to the rest of the players.

Sound about right?

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