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hi every body iam mohamed from egypt .... as i think every one will read this will be angry cuz iam egyptian but i will see one thing dat railroads and trains r my life .trains are like the air and the water according to me i think dat the trains modelers and the trains photographers are some ppl who have creative mind .after this talking about my self at first (happy birthday iam very happy of dat great site iam every day visit dat cool site i think dat that site is biggest website of rail pics data bases and i will say some thing i love trains for 16 years so i did every thing dat any one can imagine in trains i also drive agreat loco here in egypt called (henschel) its agreat feeling dat u can move ahuge thing like amountain by pressing in abutton so i wanna to say another importanat thing as i say day ilove trains for16 years here in egypt this hobby of trains is very rare hobby so i wanna any brother of my brothers to help me to be better in dat great feild and iam waiting for yur replay iam feeling sleepy i will go now and happy birthday oh i will forget my e mail ( bye brothers
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