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Originally Posted by Freericks View Post
What are you people, the fun police? No one around him seems annoyed.

If I were there and taking video I probably would have moved somewhere else, or tried to say "hush," but in the end who frankly cares? Let the guy have his fun.
What are you, on the foamer defense committee?

Originally Posted by MagnumForce View Post
From what I understand the kid has Asperger's and Autism......... BTW the word "retard or retarded" is horrible............ Those terms really put it all in such a horrible light, they are Humans and deserve respect.

Beyond all that I know I have even had my own spontaneous moments of foamtasm before and I think we all have.
I haven't heard anything about Asperger's. I do know that the Andross51 kid does which is why I haven't said anything about him.

As for "retard and retarded" I didn't say that in a way to make fun of him. Actually I never made fun of him here. Complain about? Yeah. The word "retarded" is still a technical term and is only negative if you make it that way.

Originally Posted by Holloran Grade View Post
Well, that is the end of this thread.


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