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Originally Posted by WKUrailfan View Post
Very cool photo. I like it a hundred times better than your 2nd. You show us the architecture of the area and incorporate the tram into your photo in an interesting way. Keep thinking like this.
The older photo is surely inferior to the newer one. It depicts however pretty rare vehicle with a lot of human element, including fellow railfan. And it is one of my first railfanning photos.

Originally Posted by Gear View Post
To ask the horrendously stupid question; what about it makes it "vertical"?..
Vertical crop, a convicted views killer.

Originally Posted by Doug Wolfe View Post
On the second one I gave you view #999. You should hit #1,000 in the next month or so.
Originally Posted by stlgevo51 View Post
I gave you a thousand!
Feburary is apparently quite short month.

Originally Posted by stlgevo51 View Post
Congrats on two photos with over 1,000 views!
Thanks again!
-- David Jaša

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