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Default A few pointers needed.

Hi all. I'm new here and new to shooting trains too. So, I need a little advise please. I have a nice little spot (well, a few) that I've been trying to catch a train at. Problems are,
1 : Its winter here so there's not much sunlight right now (Australia).
2 : I dont have a tetephoto lens.
3 : I have to shoot from in close to the line and with train coming at me at reasonable speed.

I have two lens' at the moment, they are a nifty 50mm 1.8 and a 17-40 F4 L,(70-200 F2.8 IS will be coming next year). What setting should / could I use. IE I used only 1 focus point. Should I use all of them (oh, shooting with 400D). I also used the auto focus set to AI servo. Should I just use the one spot setting. The other thing I was tossing up was high ISO v DOF. I didnt want to use a real high ISO due to the noise factor but wanted to shoot with a reasonable shutter speed for so I used something around F3. What would be the way to go? Use ISO 800 and F 7 or something like ISO 200 and F 2.5? Remembering that I'm close to the train line and the train is moving at reasonable speed (say 30KPH or 18 MPH). The focus and shutter speed are my main concern.

Sorry if I'm starting to ramble now but I'm still fairly new to the whole DSLR thing. Guess I'm after best shutter speed, best ISO and best Depth of Field.

This is what I've got so far anyway.

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