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Originally Posted by Ween

So, to sum up: ISO 100 or 200, 1/500s, f/5.6. Leave the ISO as is, and adjust the shutter and aperature from there based on the light...
Cheers Ween, I really appreciate that. I'll give it a crack tomorrow when I got up there. Lucky for me I live right next to the line (yes, lucky. OK, its noisy for about 1 or 2 minutes when a freighter goes uphill but there's only 6 or so go up per day and less on the weekends, but for the rest of the time theres just lots of trees and nothing else across from the house.) so I've been keeping note of what time's they go up and down. So far i've sussed that one goes up about 4pm every Sunday. Cant wait for summer when there's more light. I should be able to get some good shots with some late arvo sunlight.

Thanks again......HB (Mick)
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