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Well, opinions vary.

Originally Posted by Ween

- For ISO, I use 200 for most of my shooting and only go to 400 or higher when it's right around sunset.
First of all, are you shooting handheld or on a tripod? If handheld, I suggest ISO 800 and a faster shutter speed. Yes, even at these short focal lengths, plus it's a good habit to get into when the 70-200 arrives.

- As far as settings, you can't go wrong with 1/500s @ f/5.6 as a starting point. 18 MPH isn't that fast, so I'm guessing 1/250s would work fine. As far as aperature, my understanding is that alot of lenses don't produce the best results near the wide open side of the house. For mine, both on the Kit Lens and the 70-200mm, f/8.0 seems to be the "sweet" spot that produce the best results.
Aperture issues; true, but overstated. In particular, the artistic effects of using an open aperture (f/2 on the 50, say) can easily dominate any differences in sharpness. And you are using some quality lenses and they are pretty good when beyond the sweet spot. But as a beginner, it's fine to start by choosing f/8 or something like that. One thing, though, don't go much beyond f/11; due to an effect called diffraction, results can go downhill a bit.

Some general issues. First, your tunnel shot is dark; the light was poor. Not much you can do, but be aware that such a shot has poor prospects for acceptance at RP. Bummer, we've all been there.

The second shot, it is fuzzy all over. So it isn't the motion of the train that is blurring, it is something else. It looks to me like the background is OK, suggesting that the camera focused on a point well behind the location of the train. Or you were unsteady with the camera (tripod!) and hand shake blur is stronger in the foreground.

Good luck, we look forward to your stuff showing up on RP.
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