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First of all, are you shooting handheld or on a tripod? If handheld, I suggest ISO 800 and a faster shutter speed. Yes, even at these short focal lengths, plus it's a good habit to get into when the 70-200 arrives.
J, I'm doubting you'll see that many people going >ISO 400 for because of the noise issue when you start getting that high (even with the 350/400D's), but I'd be interested to see who does. I shoot almost exclusively handheld with the 70-200mm and have not had a problem with a shutter speed that turned out to be too slow.

In fact, there's a rule of thumb out there that if your shutter speed is the reciprocal of your focal length (i.e. 50mm, 1/50s; 200mm, 1/200s; etc.), your shutter speed will be fast enough...
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