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The noise will show up alot of times in the sky, and up here, it's rare you have a shot that doesn't have alot of sky in it.

For the post-processing part, I have the demo version of Neat Image, but don't like to use it as it only works on JPEGs and you lose the EXIF data.

But, as pondered earlier, anyone else use ISO 400 or higher on handheld, sunny days?

EDIT: dpreview says this about the 350D:
Noise free 'silky smooth' images at ISO 100, 200 and 400
The 20D:
Very low noise levels even at high sensitivities, fully usable ISO range (100 - 3200)
The 400D:
The 30D:
Confidence to use camera at high sensitivities (ISO 1600, 3200)
So, it depends on which camera you're talking about when it comes to noise!

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