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I tried shooting at ISO 800 with my 300D one tiime and boy was I Surprised. The camera looked over it's shoulder at me and said, "Dude, what are you doing? I can already hear the noise in my head. You do not want to push that shutter." Being hard headed and stubborn like usual, I went ahead and pushed the shutter. And the noise was horrible. Now I generally don't shoot above 200 unless the situation absolutely calls for it.

I strive for doing the least amount of post that I can in railroad shots. I try to shoot on 100 ISO on sunny days. Today it was a little tricky with some diffused lighting, so I went up to 200. I know I have shot at 400 ISO in low light situations, but to go any higher is full of folly with this camera. Which is one gigantic reason I reallly wish I could drop a 0 and get the 30D.

But whatever works for you is what I say. Shoot at 800 ISO, leave your camera on the side in the bag and any other number of things. Make the most of your hobby!

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