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Originally Posted by JRMDC
The second shot, it is fuzzy all over. So it isn't the motion of the train that is blurring, it is something else. It looks to me like the background is OK, suggesting that the camera focused on a point well behind the location of the train. Or you were unsteady with the camera (tripod!) and hand shake blur is stronger in the foreground.
I hear you JR, I was crouching down and using AI servo so I think thats where my fuzz problem came from there.

Originally Posted by Ween
In fact, there's a rule of thumb out there that if your shutter speed is the reciprocal of your focal length (i.e. 50mm, 1/50s; 200mm, 1/200s; etc.), your shutter speed will be fast enough...
I've heard about this rule of thumb Ween but I've heard that you need to take the crop factor into account. So a 50mm lens should shoot at 1/80s etc etc. EI 50 X 1.6.

As for noise, I really dont like to go above 400. I've seen some shots at 1600 that look great but then I've seen others at 400 that look noisey.

I think today when I go a shooting, I'll use the 17-40 at about F6 or so and ISO 200. Its a sunny sort of afternoon so I should still be able to get a decent shutter speed. I'll post my result tonight.

Cheers for all the help guys.....HB.
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