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Originally Posted by KevinM View Post
I think the main concern is that they don't want to appear to be encouraging or condoning folks in North America taking risks or violating laws in order to take compelling photos. We have a lot of regulations, particularly here in the US, and the site wants the content to reflect folks complying with those regulations.

As I noted in my previous post, things are way different in many other countries, and most people know that the safety culture is just not the same. That's why you'll not only see photos such as the one you cited, but also photos of trains that are literally crawling with people, hanging on the running boards, riding on the roofs, etc. And here's the other thing....those photos bring a lot of views to the site, which brings advertising revenue. So its a win-win. The site gets income.....and everybody knows that anything goes in some parts of the world. If anything, those photos make you appreciate how much progress has been made here in terms of safety. When some gets hit by a train here, it makes news. Other places, the values are different, for whatever reason.
I'm well aware of the cultural differences between the countries and differences in what is allowable, but respectfully disagree. Photos with people standing in the gauge (that shouldn't be) are in poor taste IMO.
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