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Default I'm getting older-- and my standards are lowering

Not long ago, an operation like OmniTrax's Alabama & Tennessee River RR would not have been on my radar. I would have easily overlooked this line, grumbling that "I'll go there when they paint some power" or something along those lines.

Enter my modern state of railfanning-- I get out maybe once a month, so my standards have changed from going to the shortlines with sharp painted units or where some major change is about to occur to, well, shortlines.

I realize tastes could almost say "If you've talked to a railfan, you've talked to one railfan." To say that there are different interests among railfans is an understatement, at the least. Even when I was turning up my nose at consists like this, others would love it, remarking on the great variety of schemes, how much they like tunnel motors, or they were just happy to see a train-- kind of like where I am now, but wasn't then. And I realize there are still plenty of fans that would just assume go elsewhere than photograph non-descript lines with no real identity (it was very odd that there were even OmniTrax painted units in the consist this day, usually it's an all LTEX consist on the road train).

I left the ATN exuberant with how this day had gone. I relished the fact that I even caught the road train, which is VERY difficult. The fact I even caught it here, pulling into Ragland, AL to make a setoff, was pure luck. Couple visiting a shortline I hadn't photographed before on a beautiful fall day with the fact the train was led by one of a handful of true 20 cyl SD45-2Ts left operating in the United States, and all in all, it was a great day-- and one that wouldn't have happened all that long ago...
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