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"Seminole Gulf RY, they basically run once or twice a week on no semblance of a schedule."

Well....a couple threads ago, you said north on Weds, south on Thurs from Arcadia...THAT is a semblance of a schedule. I'm probably one of the few that would bother with them, and have been touting them a lot in these cyber forums the past couple months, but the southbound move is the one to get. Usually out of Arcadia around 9-10AM depending how long it takes to switch cars.

"The next closest is Florida Central in Orlando which is a little better, but nowhere what would qualify as a schedule."

Where are you getting THAT from? They are VERY reliable. Two crews on duty Mon-Fri 0600hrs, one runs to CSX/Taft, the other runs to Winter Garden Mon-Wed-Fri & Tavares/Eustis Tue-Thu with backfill work as needed. Second crew on duty 1400hrs to work the Silver Star branch. VERY reliable, very easy...and no GEVOS in sight.

"So I can shoot CSX or stay home."

Amen to that
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