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Originally Posted by Cameraman View Post
Just as an FYI to anyone going down to A&M: I found it odd when I visited in 08 that they absolutely would not give out any info in the office. I walked in wearing proper attire for the RR, IDed myself and was told it was against policy to give out info.

I very calmly asked if I could speak to someone with management since I was a true out of tower. I was given the name of the person to talk to but, as I debated the time needed to have that discussion, the train that was clearly visible out the door of the office switching appeared suddenly ready to depart so I decided against speaking to that person and chose to exit town and locate my first location. Good move as the train did appear very soon. The only downside was a switcher was heading out with a couple of cars in front of the road train and I would have liked to have know that detail.

Don't know what the status is today but, that was my experience. Next day a trainmaster at a nearby Class one was very helpful as a contrast.
Wow. If this qualifies as a bad experience to a railroad, I'm not sure how to respond to that.

I went by a railroad office once in my railfan travels -- and was treated very nicely by the man there -- but I have not done it since as I am typically anti-social and don't want to waste anyone's time. After a recent incident, I'm wondering if maybe I should though. What say the rest of you? Especially on shortlines, do you guys check in at their office?
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