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Smile Recycling the oldies but goodies

Originally Posted by Ron Flanary View Post
Some of the best of my images (albeit not good scans) were posted eight to ten years ago. No one sees them unless they make a concerted effort to do so. So, I just post a few shots to Flickr (now that I have over 200 on there as "pump primers").
That is my absolute favorite part of Flickr, I get to recycle all those old pictures that I posted on RP years ago. On my hard drive and ready to go. That is truly NEAT. Mitch raised the issue of recycling the older RP images a long time ago....would be a nice. We all tend to post our best stuff first, they get some attention, and then they disappear into the archives and are largely forgotten. Multiple venues is one way to solve that little problem. It is also a great opportunity to improve on some of the rather primitive scanning and processing I did back then.

Originally Posted by JRMDC View Post
John, what else could we have done over the last, say, two years?
Janusz, wish I had a good answer. How do you motivate folks to do the things you think they should. If I knew that I could probably be making millions using it to do something remunerative. But I know from personal experience that continual "bitching" rarely accomplishes that, it primarily irritates folks which is counterproductive. Ultimately we have the option of voting with our feet. If it is really all that important, maybe RP or some other individual or group will develop a better alternative. I know others that are trying. Maybe it would be an interesting project for the CRRFA. Personally, I have neither the motivation nor technical skills. Net net, I think RP is good enough for a lot of folks.

There are alternatives as suggested by the two links in my signature here that are not to RP.
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