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Default Why bother?....

OK---the riveted section running horizontally from the small numberboard back is dead level, but the handrails leading up to the cab are clearly not vertical. Could I use the lens correction tool to screw around with the distortion of make it "right." Perhaps, but that's ridiculous. I chose to use the horizontal feature (which, by definition, constitutes "level") rather than the handrails.

To me, this is a textbook case of why many of the best rail photographers either have stopped uploading to, or avoid it altogether. I thought this was a pretty cool image, but it gets gigged for a total b.s. reason.

Naturally, I uploaded it to Flickr, and had no problems. In fact, I'm increasingly pleased with my Flickr experience. There's no reason to deal with and experience the angst it sometimes brings.

Maybe Blair Kooistra had the right idea...
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