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I've shot RAW since I got my first DSLR, a 20D in 2006. I have done so because I want all that the camera can give me in image quality. I didn't want to lose anything by having the camera throw information away. And I want the flexibility that RAW gives me in post.

During shooting, I don't want add to my workload and have to make decisions about "landscape" or "portrait" or whatever while the loco blasts by in perfect light. In the heat of a chase I just want to concentrate on creative decisions and not worry about settings. So I set the camera to Manual and on neutral settings over all, then reduce the technical variables to ISO, shutter, aperture. I then spend more time shooting fleeting moments than "fiddling."

At home where I can relax and study the image, I can make a full range of choices regarding light, color, contrast.

I love working with a big fat file. You have the benefit of really clean retouching.

(As an aside, working with 70 MB files from my 35 mm neg scans has been very luxurious in how smooth all processing looks.)

I shoot RAW for maximum control of my images. Not because I am sloppy.

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