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After reading down through the thread, Jon and Travis pretty much said what I would have said. When you look at your LCD after a shot, what you are seeing is a JPEG that was processed by your camera. When you look at the raw files coming out of the camera, they will look like crap in comparison. Learning to edit them definitely has a learning curve and after 2 years plus, there are still times when I wish I could begin my raw edits with the JPEG adjustments that the camera would have made. Unfortunately, I've yet to find a program, including Nikon's Capture NX2, that will faithfully do it.

Raw has a HUGE advantage in terms of your latitude to adjust on things like exposure. You can be off a lot more on a raw image and still save it than you can on a JPEG.

For now, I think the advice to shoot raw and JPEG is good advice. You will need to get some practice editing raw. Until you get good at it, you'll have JPEGs you can post and those will also give you something you can compare your raw edits to.

Certainly, when you are shooting, you should avoid using the LCD image as a judge of exposure, particularly if you have messed with the LCD brightness settings. Personally, I use the LCD to be sure the image is more or less level and sharp. I use the histogram to judge the exposure. In Histogram We Trust!

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