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Hi Wesley,

Unless you can find a dealer who still has a stash of new D700 bodies, I don't think you're going to find a new one. Nikon replaced that camera with the D600 and D800. The D700 is manufacture-discontinued.

IMHO, although both new cameras have higher res (24 MP and 36 MP respectively) and probably better high ISO performance, both suffer from problems that are non-starters for me. The D600 has all of the AF points in a narrow window in the center of the frame and a maximum burst rate of 5.5 fps. It also allegedly has a nasty oil/dust on the sensor problem that Nikon still hasn't fessed up to. The D800 also has a centered AF array and bursts at a blistering 4 fps. The new bodies may technically be better, but from a photographer's standpoint, they are less desirable than the D700 was.

If they had just put a newer technology sensor in the D700, they would have had something.

I believe that the only other FF cameras that Nikon makes are the D3X and D4. Both are very capable cameras, but both will cost you as much as a used car.

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