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Default Too Dark - Can Either of these Work?

Tried twice here (the first one a few days ago, so the link may go away soon). They are different frames. Both dinged for too dark.

When I lighten, but color I have in the sky goes away. If I try to isolate the sky, well, with trees and power lines, it turns into quite a mess.

Is there something to do here, or is this one just not going to happen?

As an aside, I had driven about twenty miles west of here to a spot where the tracks turn enough to almost get nose light and catch the train lit before the sun went down - but because it doesn't take passengers after Santa Barbara it's allowed to run early in this area and the thing showed up 30 minutes earlier, causing me to miss it by 30 seconds (no joke - had I arrived 30 seconds later I would have had time to get the shot).
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