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Originally Posted by miningcamper1 View Post
Didn't we do that fairly recently?

Be that as it may, one or two "Free Passes" per year or per X number of accepted images might reduce frustration with the site dramatically. I don't think anyone would waste such limited opportunities on junk images.
The concept of free passes opens up a wide range of potential drawbacks, including subjectivity, credibility, consistency, and simply, who deserves it and who doesn't. In discussion, it's a nice idea and concept, but when trying to execute it, we are opening ourselves up for more criticism and inconsistency than the existing screening procedures. If the "free pass" idea was implemented, it would leave the contributor with his/her own perception of what is worthy of the free pass and what isn't. The system would undoubtedly be used wrongfully at some point or another.

Originally Posted by StL-rail View Post
I'd also like to add, I think we should encourage screeners to make comments on rejections. You know, those photos that are almost there, but need a few small tweaks. Suggestions from the screeners on how to fix it would make it easier for us to see exactly what they are looking at.

Also, those photos that have not a snowball's chance in hell of being excepted, a short explanation for those photos of why that is, might help reduce frustration.

Just an idea.....
Currently, I think there's more screener and photographer commentary than ever before. I think those requests have been heard and I believe the team as a whole is effectively moving forward in providing commentary to contributors through expanded rejection explanations. On average, I provide typed commentary on between 25% and 35% of images I screen daily.

Originally Posted by bigbassloyd View Post
Themed photo contests! Allow one screened (loosely) entry per registered member, and have them up somewhere on here for voting. Maybe do one every couple weeks or something. Winner can get a RP t-shirt or a month of Elite Membership or something.

Loyd L.
Noted. Thank you, sir.

Originally Posted by lalam View Post
Is there any possibility of RP , on behalf of photographers, getting involved in direct sell of prints?
Noted. Will look into this with admin and follow up with forum post.

Keep the ideas rolling... I'm on college break through the middle of January and hope to brainstorm with editorial over the holidays.

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