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OK Chase, let me rephrase that in the form of an idea...

1) Better friendlier customer service.

2) Less fickleness, additional tolerance and more respect /compassion.

3) Greater consistency - and appeals accepted on precedence.

4) "The Free Pass"
I'm not a fan of a free pass, though I do have a dog in this fight, lol.
Instead, why not set criteria upon which a patron earns greater leeway,
not with regards to technical issues, but instead, with composition and
subject. This would be for appeals only.

This can be number of years on RP, or any of the following - reaching a
set number of PC's, or reaching /maintaining a specific average views
per image statistic. And, BECAUSE it's "your site" and you can do what
you want, you can simply extend such an offer to established
photographers both new and current members. Simply make it a well
known that exceptions are in place for select members. This could be
done by using a different color font, a badge of some sort in the
photographer field or any method of your choice.

I'd LOVE to see the return of many of those who left and the great
photographers out there who hesitate to have their images nitpicked or
judged unacceptable.

So long as there is an established path for others to get the same


PS - I sincerely think that many would find RP would be a much more enjoyable experience if some of the "todo" and "suggestions" were contemplated as noted in the "Site Related" Forum.

PSS - I like the idea of themed contests, too. Could be local - event pics with a prize (not necessarily monetary) such as a charter run, or new heritage unit /logo, or Circus Train, ect, and /or could be a theme... a challenging theme - "rain", or "blue", "fast", "backlit" ect. Judging would be tricky, however - 5 screeners or the audience at large? Each has it's own issues - specifically, those that campaign via links "vote for my shot", but you'll get those views, anyway. Personally, I'd let members only vote.
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