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Originally Posted by Chase55671 View Post

I would like to hear (...) any innovative ideas you all think can potentially improve Railpictures.Net and our community. We are always looking for ways to improve the website.

Chase Gunnoe
Railpictures.Net Staff
Dear all,

This is my first message in the RPN Forums.
Indeed, I had submitted a request to become a forum contributor on a couple occasions, but for some reasons they were not reviewed and got lost. My most recent attempt was in the summer of 2014, when I wished to make additional suggestions about the new rejection motives. My request to join the forum was only accepted about a month ago, on the occasion of ... RPN team banning me from appealing on rejections!!!

So this leads me to my first suggestions for improvement:

i) Review the forum membership request log once per month.

ii) Think about how RPN can give more room to innovation and creativity in train photography.

Indeed, I believe that quite some of my rejections - and my further appeals on them - was about borderline classic vs. innovative ways of portraying trains. So it is quite natural that what is borderline raises rejections, appeals, and more importantly a need to establish a dialogue about pushing the boundaries of the "acceptability criteria enveloppe".
As Robjor rightfully said: "once you set criterion, rules, inevitably certain creativity suffers and a certain sameness can set in".

iii) Be more customer-friendly.
This suggestion has already been made in this thread and I adhere to it.

As an example: it is weird that I be banned from submitting appeals to rejections when:
- The reason why I have made so many appeals is because I submit so many pictures, and more importantly I try to push the boundaries, some appeals were about innovation / discussing the rightfullness and universality of some criteria;
- I think I am quite a good customer an I don't know of many businesses that can survive without damage by treating their customers this way. By "good customer", I mean two things: 1) I contribute many pictures and without contributors RPN is noting 2) I pay the RPN Elite membership.
- I do not know when I will get out of jail. I have been sentenced without knowing the duration of my sentence.

But please, do not misunderstand me:
- I do like RPN, it is a fabulous site, and if it did not exist, one should invent it
- I thank the screeners: this is a difficult job and they get more criticism than rewarding thanks. So I would like to add my sincere gratitude here.

I have other suggestions, and will write them in another message
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