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Originally Posted by JimThias View Post
He had the flash just a tad too bright, IMO.

One flash would have been sufficient.
Maybe. When I do these I generally have two. One is on the floor pointed up at the ceiling, and another is off to my side at half or quarter power, for fill. In such confined space it's tough to avoid hotspots and window glare. A quick down & dirty way is to point flash up at ceiling and have a white square attached to the flash to direct some light forward (most Nikon flash have this built in.) A fancier deal is a Lumiquest 80/20 which goes over the flash head and directs 80% up for bounce while reflecting 20% forward for fill. I carry one of these in my bag. The only issue is the ceilings of many locos are painted a yucky color, which can cause a tint in the final shot. Usually can clean this up in PS or Portrait Pro. In the old days I used to tape a big white square of poster board to the ceiling rather than mess with CC filters.

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