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Originally Posted by Heymon View Post
This was a bounce flash with a diffuser, which I have used before with no issues. ...Probably my bigger mistake was using the flash at all, since I just got a new camera that can apparently shoot in the dark. Totally not used to its abilities.

It takes awhile to learn a camera, and even longer to learn the flash. You then learn to anticipate what it will do. What the camera exposure meter was doing here was trying to properly expose the interior. It didn't realize you were trying to match it to the outside. A quick way to do these shots is to take a reading of the outside light, then dial that in to the camera using manual. Test this first, but what should happen is the flash will illuminate the interior enough to match that exposure, which is what you want. The alternative is it take a test shot, chimp, knock flash down by half, retest. You can lower flash exposure by either using flash compensation on the camera or by cutting the power on the flash manually.

--->shutter controls ambient
aperture controls flash

Kent in SD

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