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I don't see any foul on the part of the contributor, as long as the person is clear about what was done to the image. In the case of this one, it was not just "colorization." The large tree behind the locomotive has mysteriously disappeared also, but the caption doesn't call that out. Perhaps there was a note to the screener that did.

With regard to RP acceptance of such images, I guess I personally think that this level of modification is a slippery slope. Locally enhancing parts of the image, or cloning out minor elements that didn't have to be there are probably OK....such as taking some local-yokel out of a 611 chase shot. Making wholesale changes however, takes it out of the realm of photography in my view, and puts it in the same category as a painting, in which the artist presents the scene the way he/she "envisioned" it, vs. how it actually was.

BTW, I don't have the same dim view of code lines, telephone poles, etc. as some folks apparently do. As long as they don't obstruct the main subject, those things are where they are. If you don't like them, find another spot to photograph your train.

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