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Unofficially, this is what I have seen on the L&C since my return to Lancaster -- GPs 2829, 3820 and 3821 are assigned to the Lancaster trai

GPs 2273, 2268 and 2866 are assigned to the Chester train

Knoxville & Holston River SW1500 2242 is assigned to the wye when it runs. I've seen them use 2866 here, too. This one is in G&O black

SW900 90 is in the shop and may soon be shipped out to another G&O road. SW900 91 remains leased to Circle S and SW900 92 is stored OOS in Lancaster

The L&C SD40-2T 6002 and C40-8S 9146 are still in Knoxville. There's another six axle power said to be coming after the 6002 and 9146.
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