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Default Suspended account

My account was suspended or banned from uploading pictures. I wrote two emails to administrators, but there's no answer at all

What is the reason for banning? Maybe the amount of pictures which were rejected? I'm not sure how many of them I tried to upload - but no more than 8-10.

Honestly, last time my every picture receives rejection. So I decided to show few of them and ask if they are really so bad and can't be published on this site?

Few examples of pictures which were rejected:


2. - this was rejected because of the "bad", not sunny weather. But... this is the tropical rain in Vietnam. The sense and the soul of this picture was to show the tropical conditions there.


4. - pictures 3) and 4) show the unique train on the Sakhalin island in Russia. The only place on the world where this type of locomotive was used. It's already closed. Picture 4) was rejected because there is no sun on this side of the train...



So, honestly, I'm quite sad because I like the site for many years and I wanted to add something interesting from not so popular parts of the world. I know the level here is high, so I wouldn't be disappointed if one, two or three of my pictures were rejected. But all of them? Now my account is suspended/blocked and nobody's answering for my emails.

Could you say, guys, if these pictures are really so shitty and not worth showing here?

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