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[quote=B7BBQ;195763]Welp, I brought in some true black and added a vignette, which seems to have satisfied the exposure issue, but now I'm getting composition too tight. I'm not arguing with that though, as I see where they're coming from. I don't completely agree, but I understand.

I am assuming you did not crop it? Of course it was always too tight, no track in front of the locomotive, not just after your corrected exposure. Including some snow covered track in front would be a plus. I suspect tho even if you have a wider view some other rejection would pop up.

Obviously the killer rejections should come first. There is whole banning thread, I suppose because multiple poor photos take up screeners time. My experience has been slow walking the rejection sequence takes more time. I realize they probably go down a checklist and the first thing to pop up gets noted. My latest and I think another one noted here was too dark and then cloudy skies. Think the cloudy sky should be first in the list. Cloudy sky, no way to change that, end of story, saves everyone time and frustration?

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