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And the winner is....John West, by a nose, followed by Christine and Janusz.

John's had the least amount of processing on the nose and it still looks natural. Christine's looks just a bit too uniform and flat on the right side, otherwise, quite good. Janusz went too heavy on the dodge tool and you can see the brown blotches it produced, plus the windshield and number boards just don't look right.

John's had the nicest clouds, but all were excellent and all did well with the side of the train. The reflection off the depot windows (just guessing) on the right side of the train really make this shot special.

Will, try to get it as much like John did and you have a winner. If you don't have CS2 and the highlight/shadow tool, does anyone have a trick to produce the same effect? Local area contrast enhancement works like shadow recovery, but we want the opposite effect of highlight recovery. Any ideas?

Michael Allen
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