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Option one is to see if you can sharpen it more. The nose of the engine looks sharp to me, but if the screener says its soft, well, maybe he sees something we don't. You can give it a shot, see how it looks to you, and resubmit with a note that you have sharpened up as much you can before the funny stuff sets in.

Option to two is to give up. Maybe the message here is the screeners just don't like the picture. I like it because of the lighting. I really like the lighting. But me and the screeners don't always see eye to eye on "interesting" lighting. The lighting is definitely non-traditional. The picture IS "crop challenged", in the sense that it is a bit tighter than ideal on the left and bottom (hopefully you have used every available pixel in those areas!). And there is the blownout nose issue.

If truly the issue is sharpness with the screener, I'd see if you can improve on it, resubmit, and see what happens. But one more reject and I'd count that as a good picture for your personal collection. We all have our personal collections. Like the reject I use as an avatar above.

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