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Default This is where the frustration comes from...

So I had what I thought was a neat shot, but not 100% sure how RP would look at it, but I liked it enough to go ahead and upload it...

Rejected - but only for being underexposed.

OK, cool I can live with that. It was late evening sun, but it could be a little brighter. I only have 3 uploads a night so I have to be very judicious, but since it was only nabbed for underexposed, I figured easy fix. So I fix it and re-upload a few minutes later along with a note to the screener that I adjusted exposure.

Rejected - Bad cropping.

If the original shot was nabbed for bad cropping, (I can live with it - it's their taste, I happen to love the shot for myself) I never would have bothered to re-upload it and waste my last shot for the night. The inconsistencies are aggravating, but the fact that they have me limited to only 3 shots coupled with their inconsistencies is what is really frustrating. If I had a few more uploads available tonight it wouldn't be as annoying.
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