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Originally Posted by Chris Wilson View Post
I realize the rejection... This is a VERY rare move across the CP above Lake Superior. In addition, its the first SD70M to lead through this line.
These facts are simply irrelevant to RP, they are not important criteria for determining whether to accept a shot.

This shot has been done before, Tim Gobeil seems to be the guy, here's one but there are a number of them.
Image © Tim Gobeil
PhotoID: 214276
Photograph © Tim Gobeil

Given that, your shot is poorly lit (I wouldn't call it backlit myself, just blah overcast lighting) and doesn't have any other qualities that make the light special despite being weak.

Oh, here's one that is more like yours in terms of light, but the fogginess gives it a bit of "something" (along with a tighter look at the bridge) that yours does not have in my view.

Image © Tim Gobeil
PhotoID: 211324
Photograph © Tim Gobeil
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