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Think of it this way....

Strasburg runs with maybe one to 300 people per trip - figure a car holds about 60 to 80 people and there are between 4 and 10 cars - figure they spend $15.00 per ticket and multiply that by say 150 people on the low side in this example; you would have $2,250 per run. Now multiply that by 5 runs in any given day at Strasburg and you have $11,250.00! Now assume you want to run the same engine and consist but with only 50 people for the entire day......

Now add a caboose. Start the day at 6:30 AM for the sunrise shot instead of 11 AM. Now tell the crew you want to tourment thier engines with mulitple runbys - constant stoping, reversing and braking. Add a second engine to the mix for variety. Then tell the crew you need them till 11 PM!

And that still leaves out the extra expense and work that a really good organizer will put into an event.

Pete runs a top notch event, as do many of the other well known organizers - it's rather astounding how much effort goes into them. My hat goes off to anyone who attempts to run such charters but as time goes by, you will note that those that put the greatest amount of effort and professionalism into it are the ones that get the repeat bussiness and are least likely to cancel last minute due to a shortage of funds (paying photographers) to cover the event.

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