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Originally Posted by Mgoldman View Post
First off - and seemingly obvious by now, is that the RP crop monster thrives on centered subjects. It's nearly automatic.

As for underexposed - Looks properly exposed to me - can't have the numberboards any whiter. Two ways around RP's underexposed are a) simply brighten the image - sometimes it's more about the way it looks then whether or not it truly is underexposed. b) If you have a shadows and highlights adjustment, or even the center slider in levels, then bring back some of the detail in the shadows.

As for the first image - you can always resubmit a re-edited image. Feature is under "members; re-submit photos".

Thanks, Mitch. I do use the shadows/highlight/levels adjustments to try to tease out detail, but it's balancing act with scanner noise. It's most troublesome with slides I underexposed a half-stop, (on purpose!) to get richer looking transparencies - or wound up underexposed for a variety of other reasons (some reasonable, some just stupid)

I do use the re-submit feature, but mostly for some of the stuff I had originally scanned on a lousy flatbed scanner, years ago. (back when RP took most anything).

That whole cropping thing seems to me to be a matter of taste - so I compose and crop to my taste. Some of these discussion threads on cropping are interesting. You can see exactly who likes what by what they offer up. Some prefer foreground to sky (I like sky). Some like tight RH and LH margins. Some like "big scene - little train". Finally, the shot gets in after multiple tries - probably due to "screener roulette" more than anything and we get the "see, I told you so moment"!

I have a hard time rationalizing cropping any other way just to "get in". Maybe I need to send more directly to Flickr.
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