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Congratulations!!! ope it all works out for you. I don't know if I have any great advice to give you. All I'd say is to be very specific over what rights you grant them and what they are asking for. Also, read all fine print and ask for clarification if you need to. A company recently wanted to use one of my non-railroad shots. In the first e-mail, they said they were a small company that could not afford a big pay out. (I don't know if I needed to see that in the first e-mail.) Then they asked me if they could use the shot ina slide show. In the fine print below, they said that they reserved the right to further use the photo "in any way" they wanted to and listed magazine ads, web ads, etc. etc. I sent a reply back and thanked them fortheir interest, but I had no desire to part ways with a photograph with that kind of fine print.

One thing I try to remember when I get asked about a shot is that any money I make in the deal is more than I was expecting when I took the shot. You can look at that both ways. If they don't offer what you think is a fair price, then there's no harm in saying "thanks, but no thanks."
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