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A large Canadian RR asked to use a shot of mine for their annual report, but balked at my asking price as unreasonable... then insulted me by giving a little lecture on how this all works and that the annual report isn't advertising. Bullsh*t, it is the ultimate form of advertising to the shareholders, potential shareholders, lenders and customers (since most would rather deal with a winner than a loser).

Here is my take: they make several billion a year and have an operating ratio that is envied by many corporations, but feel my request for compensation was too much. Fine, pay a pro to do your PR photography if I'm asking too much, or (and more likely the case) find another idiot that'll do it for free.

I have allowed free use by not for profits (historical organizations, both RR and other) because they are not in it for a buck and I get all warm and fuzzy helping these folks out.
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