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Originally Posted by JezG View Post
Ha! If that's the case then the owners have chosen a rather obscure premise on which to build a website. If 'hits' is the key metric then then why bother with trains? Might as well go straight for the T&A and leave the boring trains out entirely!!

Originally Posted by ottergoose View Post
Which of the photos, the middle of a UP passenger train, or the one with the ladies in the canoe, is more interesting to look at? Which of them required more time, effort, or creativity to create? Which one of them happened after stepping out of a car and walking 12 feet, and which one of them required sitting in a swamp for two hours on a gloomy day? Which one of them was actually composed? Which one would get 300 views and which one would get 30,000?

Blue skies and the ability to count rivits aren't the only features that make a photo interesting or relevant.
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This pretty much sums it up:
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