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Originally Posted by JezG View Post

Jim - An emoticon response? The last domicile of the illiterate? Really?
Your post wasn't worthy for any more than that.

Originally Posted by JezG View Post
Whilst the OP's shot was rightly rejected for obstructing objects, the inclusion of half-naked women is a cynical attempt to get hits and frankly, I don't really care how much effort it took to obtain the image.

Maybe there's a niche market for such 'specialist' images or maybe those people need to get out more?
Think about it for a minute. You're a member of a website consisting of probably a majority of people who have never been laid before. Of course shots with women in it are going to get a ton of views. And again, RP is in this business for making money. More views = more money.
Rhymes with slice, rice and mice, and probably should be spelled like "Tice."

This pretty much sums it up:

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